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Company Presentation in English – who is the course for?

Company Presentation in English is a unique course designed for all those whose professional work requires them to present their company in English. It caters to business owners, managers, sales representatives, sales managers, PR people and all those who present their company and its financial results or talk about its products or business development plans in English.

Company Presentation in English – what does the course look like?

Each English course is individually designed so that it precisely caters to your needs. In the first class, your teacher will analyse your needs, based on which they will deliver your course. The subsequent meetings are already oriented towards those needs of our students that have proven to be most important.

Our Company Presentation in English course usually comprises between 10 and 20 meetings (depending on your initial language skills), with each meeting lasting 60 or 90 minutes. Other variations are also possible – e.g. 2-3 intensive meetings, each lasting a few hours.

Company Presentation in English – what does the course cover?

Company Presentation in English, as is the case with our other courses, covers the most important elements of the language – new vocabulary intertwines with functional grammar, and everything is explained and exemplified so that it results in a perfect presentation of your business in English!

Company Presentation in English – key areas

  • Essential features of an effective presentation. The purpose and structure of the presentation and the elements linking its different parts. Useful phrases and expressions.
  • Introduction to the presentation. Self-introduction and introduction of the presentation subject 
  • Signposting
  • Ways to present a company/product/service in the best light possible. Structures and vocabulary to focus the audience’s attention on the most important points of the presentation. Presenting arguments and building coherent and informative statements.
  • Presentation styles (formal, personal, etc.) – differences and similarities, lexical and syntactic characteristics. Rhetorical tricks and stylistic devices.
  • Body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Working on careful pronunciation and intonation. Differences between official and working presentations.
  • Visual aids. Describing trends, economic phenomena, using numbers, and discussing different types of graphs.
  • Questions from the audience. How to ask and answer questions during a presentation. The ability to deal with irrelevant questions.
  • Ending the presentation. Linking and summarising the different strands of the talk. 10 most common mistakes made when delivering presentations.
  • Practical exercises and simulated presentations.
  • Feedback to the participant.

Below are some sample phrases you can expect to come across in the course:

We were founded/set up/established in…


We launched a new…


We are developing new…


We are the market leaders in ………… countries.

We have expanded our operations.

Our company has grown by…

We are based in Japan/Chicago/our headquarter’s in Berlin.

We’re the biggest construction company in the Asia Pacific.


We’ve been in business since…

What makes our course unique?

Our teachers are speech experts who will share their knowledge with you and give you key tips of the trade in an easy-to-digest way. Also, we have a very extensive database of original industry-specific resources. In our course Company Presentation in English, you will learn everything you need to know to be successful!

Only the best teachers work with us, and the quality of our classes is always our top priority. Thanks to our tailored approach to your needs and the flexibility of our teachers, our English courses for businesses are unique.

With us, you are certain to master the skills you need!

What will you learn and how will you gain new skills on our course?

In our course Company Presentation in English, you will learn how to successfully present a company using the right phrases, how to structure your presentation properly, how to deal with questions from the audience, and how to summarise and conclude your speech. Company Presentation in English is a professional course on completion of which you will be fully prepared to deliver a top-quality presentation of your company in English.