Idź do treci

One-to-one English lessons are meetings in which the teacher’s complete attention is focused on you.

Learning English in the one-to-one format makes it possible to adjust the pace of learning and resources (their subject, number, and level of advancement) to the needs of the learner while enabling precise analysis of their language skills, identification of areas for improvement, as well as a smooth transition to further stages of their linguistic development without the need to consider the needs of the other course participants.

One-to-one English lessons – who are they for?

One-to-one English courses can be used by people who learn most effectively when working on their own, enjoy a peaceful and quiet setting, and value the opportunity to focus solely on their own tasks.

Also, learning English in the one-to-one format will be a perfect solution if your goals (e.g. in terms of the intensity of the learning process or the time by which you want to achieve a specific level of language command) are significantly different from those of the other students.

One-to-one English lessons offered by Eklektika are popular with private individuals as well as company owners and executives – all those who have an unpredictable work pattern, e.g. professionals, often travelling for business, whose schedules can change from hour to hour.

One-to-one classes with Eklektika mean

  • effective English tuition, delivered remotely by highly qualified staff, and
  • a learning experience that responds to each student’s needs, expectations, skills, and goals.

What will you learn when attending a one-to-one English course?

The answer is straightforward: exactly what you need!

One-to-one English language courses allow you to set personalised goals and achieve them by fully tailoring the lessons in terms of their subject matter and scope, as well as the pace of work, to your needs, expectations, and skills.

One-to-one tuition = classes adapted to the learner’s needs

Individual tuition means learning on a one-to-one basis adapted to the student’s current needs and abilities, as well as factors of an organisational nature. If you’d like to attend lessons that cater to your specific expectations while allowing for your schedule, and if the teacher’s flexibility in the choice of lesson resources, venue, and time is what’s important to you – a one-to-one course is exactly what you need.

One-to-one English language course – pricing

Individual English courses are priced, well, individually. The price of one-to-one English language tuition depends on a variety of detailed course arrangements – primarily the course type (general or specialist), number and frequency of meetings, and duration of individual lessons.