Idź do treci

The pace of mastering English can vary depending on the choice of methods, tools, and resources, the teacher’s experience and teaching style, as well as the students’ motivation and openness.

Intensity is our way! We believe that intensive English tuition brings the best results – quickly and effectively. Our English courses for private individuals and businesses stand out by their energetic character, expressed through the teacher’s charisma, an eclectic choice of methods and resources, and a maximum intensification of the relationship and all the activities done during the course.

Fast-track English courses for private individuals and businesses

Learning English can be a way to pursue your passions, travel freely and safely, and make new friends. The need to quickly improve our skills may also be related to your work and/or the company you run. Professional development is a process that includes your self-improvement as well as evaluation of your achievements and skills.

You, your company, and your employees don’t have time to waste, do you? A crash course in English will make it possible for you to learn the language quickly and see your language skills improve in the shortest time possible.

Learn English in a few months

Really. Intensive English tutoring, delivered by an experienced teacher using modern methods and tools, will allow you to significantly improve your language skills in just a few months.

One of the elements essential to this process is, of course, a motivated, self-disciplined, and open-minded learner who believes in their abilities – You can do it!

Why our crash course in English is unique

Eklektika’s fast-track English courses – taking your language skills to the next level.

What makes our offer unique is a mixture of ingredients – our eclectic approach to teaching English, our complete openness to the clients’ needs, and the fact that our courses are fine-tuned to the needs of private individuals and the specific requirements and expectations of organisations and their staff. Besides, we offer employers full support in organising and supervising English courses for employees.

What will you learn on a crash course in English?

An intensive English course for private individuals and companies is all about pace!

During the course, you will improve your language skills at an ultra-fast pace and learn to use the language confidently in many different casual and business situations. The English tutoring we deliver in our intensive courses is based on tailoring of the subject matter (general, business-related, or industry-specific) and its forms (e.g. video and audio resources, podcasts, discussions, articles and blogs, online tools, etc.) to the individual needs or specificity of a given company and industry – you’ll learn exactly what you need for your passions or professional endeavours, relations with clients and business partners, and any activities facilitating business development.