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Learning English is an investment in yourself, an opportunity to considerably improve your communication skills and effectively expand your vocabulary, as well as a way to open up to new opportunities.

Do you want to feel more confident when talking to foreigners? Do you need to change your job and you can’t make the move without a good command of English? Or perhaps you want to spread your wings and boost your competencies or offer courses to your employees so that they can improve their skills? You can achieve each of these goals by choosing an English language course.

English for businesses

English language courses are an excellent way to improve your employees’ competencies and your company’s competitive edge in your market. Language courses allow for making the most of all business opportunities, expanding product and service ranges, and consistently improving the quality of customer service and any tasks performed by the corporation.

English courses catering to companies should be effective and tailored to the needs and expectations of a specific brand and its employees.

Learning English effectively

Effective learning of the English language means learning to quickly improve students’ language skills so that they reach a level where they can hold a conversation with ease and exchange correspondence on any subject.

Effective learning in English language courses for individuals and companies should optimally meet the needs and expectations of each participant and, as far as companies are concerned, also the specificity of the industry.

What are the features of the courses in our range?

Eklektika offers a wide range of English language courses for individuals and companies – carefully designed and structured with specific learner groups in mind, their interests and expectations, and the inherent needs of particular industries.

Our courses stand out by the effectiveness of the learning process, the quality of the tools we use, the highest degree of tailoring to customer needs, as well as the experienced, charismatic, and highly qualified staff.

Why choose our English language courses?

Our courses are highly effective and specialised, so you don’t have to waste your time learning things you’ll probably never use. With us, just like in your everyday life and business, it’s all about efficiency and optimisation of all your activities, so you get the very course you or your employees need, a competitive price, a flexible approach to your time, and professional teachers who know your industry very well.

Sign up for one of our English courses

The English courses offered by Eklektika are delivered online and include the following: one-to-one English lessons, a crash course in English, and specialist English courses as well as industry-specific English lessons.

Language courses are aimed at individuals, businesses, and institutions – find out about the details of the courses and choose the one that best suits your needs or those of your business.

On request, we can also offer courses delivered on the premises of your company, with all safety precautions and personal protective equipment requirements met.