We’ll make your programmers as fluent in English as they are in C#, and your e-Business experts will master e-nglish!

How do we do this?

  • We use industry content and specialized vocabulary to practice universal language and communication skills.
  • We use current materials (ComputerWorld, PCWorld, Wired, CNET, PracticalEcommerce, eMarketer etc.)
  • We use authentic instructional and educational videos, TED presentations and other
  • We follow the newest trends in the rapidly evolving market
  • We teach current vocabulary in the appropriate context
  • We remember that IT is closely linked with business

As a result, we help your employees communicate fluently and effortlessly at work and beyond!

Course organization

We guarantee that the course that suits your needs will be chosen and designed efficiently, and formalities will be kept to the absolute minimum. We take over the entire course organization process (contact with students, invoicing, current issues, scheduling) at no extra cost!

Under the agreement we sign with you, we take care of all stages of course preparation and running:

  • A detailed needs analysis
  • Placement tests for participants
  • Syllabus preparation
  • Conducting classes
  • Eklektika’s proprietary teaching materials
  • Course monitoring by our teaching advisors
  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Internal tests and exams. The course ends with an exam. Students receive a certificate of course completion and a progress report including recommendations for further study.
  • English Development Sessions once per semester (group sessions testing practical skills with individual feedback for students)
  • Detailed reports for each semester or module – each month you will receive attendance reports and each semester individual progress reports.
  • Efficient administrative backup (payments, settlements, invoices etc.)
  • Access to our state-of-the-art e-Office (students and your company’s coordinator can always check the number of classes held, attendance, materials, class topics).


DO IT with English online platform

Our proprietary platform DO IT with English is the only online English platform in the world designed especially for IT and e-Business professionals.

Our tool will help you quickly and effectively master or consolidate vocabulary from the areas that are of the greatest importance to you, including:

  • Software and hardware
  • Web design
  • Online security
  • Data management
  • Online business models
  • Online marketing
  • Online payments
  • Legal aspects of e-Business

You choose the topics that matter to you by yourself and you can work on them where you want and when you want. DO IT with English is based on specialist articles and videos. All the material is divided into short, clear portions available for mobile.

Check it out on www.english4ecommerce.com

We recommend a combination of study on the online platform and classes with a teacher (in classroom or remotely).

Our offer also includes other platforms and distance-learning options (General English, Business English, remote classes).

Conversations with native speakers

Are you looking for a teacher with a perfect command of the language and in-depth knowledge of the culture of a given country, including the smallest nuances? Do you feel ready for a language challenge? Are you interested in learning through authentic, lively conversation? Choose our offer of conversation classes with native speakers.

The native speakers we employ:

  • are college graduates
  • represent different regions and accents
  • often have direct experience in international business
  • have teaching experience
  • teach because they have discovered it is their passion

Individual classes

Have you started learning English several times without clear effects? You don’t like to learn in a group setting? No group can fully meet your expectations?

Sign up for one of our INDIVIDUAL COURSES, with the teacher going to your home or workplace!

We also conduct online courses (Skype, teleconferencing)

Our individual courses are fully adjusted to your language needs. We examine them in depth and we can modify the form and the subject matter of the classes when required. It is a very effective form of language learning: your teacher can give you his or her undivided attention.

When paying for 60 hours of study or more, you will get original textbooks free of charge! We also offer a rich selection of other teaching materials, and if such a need arises, we will be happy to create original materials related to your industry.

The scope of the material, the objectives of the course, the timing and location of class meetings are all individually arranged, and it is possible to agree on class meetings at a very short notice (even one day). We are very efficient on administrative issues, and you get permanent access to our e-Office.

Other languages

Our offer also includes other European languages, including German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, as well as Polish for foreigners.