Translation services

Looking for professional and reliable translators? Do you want to order a translation? You are in the right place! Translation is what we specialise in! We guarantee double-quick delivery of your order as well as the highest quality and correctness of translations in terms of style and subject matter understanding.

Translation is a task for professionals who are fluent in their target languages, have an excellent grasp of linguistic nuances, and have a thorough understanding of the material they deal with. Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified translators boasting extensive knowledge of many fields and ample industry-specific vocabulary. We take an individual approach to each order, delegating it to a professional who will guarantee the highest quality of translation in every respect. See how we can help you!

Regular and certified translations

Do you want to order a simple translation, a specialist one, or do you need it to be certified? All kinds are our business! Our interdisciplinary team of professionals consists of translators fluent in Polish and foreign languages, with additional knowledge of and professional experience in various industries, including medicine and the pharmaceutical sector, law, or finance. Sworn translators, i.e. translation experts entered in the register of sworn translators kept by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland, have all the necessary authorisations to produce and certify translations.

Translations for companies – from and into many languages

Do you operate in an international market? Are you looking for experienced translators working in Europe’s most popular language pairs? Or perhaps you want to order a translation from or into one of the less commonly used languages? You can count on our team! We have already translated thousands of pages and content of varying complexity for our clients into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, or Romanian. Our desks and hard drives have seen all sorts of articles (including scientific papers), contracts, certificates, as well as medical and financial documents.

Why choose Eklektika’s translation services for businesses?

Because we work fast and with the utmost accuracy, offering a variety of translation services carried out by highly qualified and experienced professionals! In addition, all translations are subject to internal verification and proofreading, which allows us to always provide you with a translation of perfect quality, free of stylistic flaws or errors stemming from a lack of understanding of the subject matter. Provide us with the details of your translation order and we will prepare an individual quote for you.


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