Interpretation services

Interpreting requires exceptional competences – not only does the interpreter have to have a perfect command of both languages they work in and be capable of understanding nuance, but they also must be trained to work fast, under the pressure of time. Looking for such an interpreter? Then you have come to the right place!

Interpreting is done in real time, here and now. Are you organising an international conference or a Zoom meeting, or delivering an online presentation? Do the participants need an interpreter? We’ll be happy to help! We offer you the services of our top-tier specialists, interpreters fluent in their target foreign language and Polish, perfectly familiar with your industry, resistant to stress, and perfectly capable of dealing with situations that require utmost concentration. We provide professional interpreting services for companies and, depending on your needs, we can offer you simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. What exactly do you need?

Professional interpretation services for your company

Do you operate in an international market? Do you offer products or services used by customers throughout Europe or beyond? Do your business partners run their operations abroad? In addition to the masses of material and more or less official documents that you and your colleagues and business partners exchange by e-mail, do you organise or co-organise various types of video conferences? An interpreter is a guarantee that everything will be perfectly understood by each participant in your meeting.

We offer interpretation for businesses from foreign languages into Polish and from Polish into foreign languages. Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals working in all major European languages. Each interpretation job is carried out with full commitment and utmost accuracy.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting means interpreting spoken language where the content in the target language (a foreign language or Polish) is delivered simultaneously with the input content (in Polish or a foreign language).

This type of interpretation is most often carried out during various types of e-meetings attended by several to a few dozen people (e.g. business or company meetings, meetings with clients or themed meetings with business partners), videoconferences (e.g. industry events or press conferences), as well as e-training sessions and e-presentations. A special kind of simultaneous interpretation is whispered interpretation, based on direct contact with the client, without the use of technical equipment.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is interpreting spoken language, where the content is translated into a chosen foreign language or Polish piece by piece. Consecutive interpretation allows for the most precise coverage of the topic and accurate translation of what is being said, taking into account narrower and broader contexts. We provide this type of interpreting service at the request of our clients, particularly during international e-meetings and e-conferences, e.g. if important speeches of company presidents or board members must be conveyed in another language or languages.

Certified interpretation

In special cases, you may need the services of a sworn interpreter. Certified interpretation is performed when it’s necessary to interpret important official documents, e.g. in business negotiations and shareholder meetings, or when agreements are signed by persons some of whom don’t speak the language used during the meeting, as well as during the reading of notarial deeds or court hearings. We delegate such jobs to interpreters entered in the register of sworn translators kept by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland.

Interpretation for companies – from and into many languages

If you operate internationally and are looking for interpreters working in various language pairs, you can safely count on our team of experts. Our interpretation specialists have supported many a team during video conferences or multilingual negotiations, ensuring that the meetings run smoothly and without misunderstandings. We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in several languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, and Romanian.

Top-grade interpreters ready to assist you

Our interpreters are professionals possessing the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills, as well as character traits enabling them to consistently maintain impeccable performance under the pressure of time. Each interpretation job is performed professionally – to the highest quality standards. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the details, specific terms, and interpretation prices. Specify your requirements and provide and other relevant information, and we will prepare a solution closely tailored to your needs.


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