English for Business

Think you know Business English already? Think again! Everybody can use words, but to make a great impression, you have to use the right words in the right context.

Course with 90 day access

159 zł

Course content

  • Lesson 1: Product Development (Free Sample Lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Company Structure
  • Lesson 3: Recruiting and Employment
  • Lesson 4: Marketing
  • Lesson 5: Sales
  • Lesson 6: Corporate Finance
  • Lesson 7: Leadership and Management
  • Lesson 8: Meetings
  • Lesson 9: Negotiations
  • Lesson 10: Business Travel
  • Lesson 11: IT in Business
  • Lesson 12: Project Management

Additionally, you will practice grammar on the extra English Grammar course, which you will have access to after purchasing this course.

Recommended English level: intermediate and higher