Other services


  • We provide translation services from foreign languages into Polish and vice-versa.
  • We offer both written translation and interpreting.
  • We offer both regular and sworn translation services.

Our offer includes all the major European languages.
We guarantee quick delivery (including express mode) at consistently high quality.

We also offer interpreting services during business meetings (whispered or consecutive) and conferences and presentations (consecutive or simultaneous). We provide the necessary equipment (booths, headphones).

Language audit

Do you need detailed and current information on your employees’ language proficiency and practical language skills? Do you want to test the language skills of job candidates?

We offer a professional and comprehensive language audit of your employees or quick testing of job candidates by telephone.

Available languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French


  • You will get the most up to date information on your employees’ or candidates’ language proficiency and practical language skills;
  • You will be able to compare the results, assessments and skills across the entire organization; the assessors use standardized scoresheets, which means that the reports are coherent, clear and comparable across your Company;
  • You will get concrete guidelines and recommendations for further language training plans;
  • You can flexibly adjust the formula of the audit and its scope to the needs of your organization;
  • You will get full administrative support from Eklektika.

Individual classes

Have you started learning English several times without clear effects? You don’t like to learn in a group setting? No group can fully meet your expectations?

Sign up for one of our INDIVIDUAL COURSES, with the teacher going to your home or workplace!

We also conduct online courses (Skype, teleconferencing)

Our individual courses are fully adjusted to your language needs. We examine them in depth and we can modify the form and the subject matter of the classes when required. It is a very effective form of language learning: your teacher can give you his or her undivided attention.

When paying for 60 hours of study or more, you will get original textbooks free of charge! We also offer a rich selection of other teaching materials, and if such a need arises, we will be happy to create original materials related to your industry.

The scope of the material, the objectives of the course, the timing and location of class meetings are all individually arranged, and it is possible to agree on class meetings at a very short notice (even one day). We are very efficient on administrative issues, and you get permanent access to our e-Office.

Other languages

Our offer also includes other European languages, including German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, as well as Polish for foreigners.