Individual English courses

Do you want 100% of your teacher’s attention focused on you and your language development? If so, learning English in the one-to-one format is the optimal solution for you.

Wondering about the best way to learn English for yourself or your employees? Do you expect an individual approach and flexible hours? Do you have specific language needs or an irregular working pattern and usually find it difficult to predict exactly when you will be available for class? If so, learning English in the one-to-one format is the optimal solution for you.

Why choose an individual course?

A one-to-one English course is the best solution for those who have irregular working hours or are sometimes unavailable for whole weeks, finding it difficult to schedule regular classes well in advance. Individual English lessons are also a guarantee that the course will focus exclusively on your language needs, both professional and private, and that all of the teacher’s attention will be on you. Also, individual English lessons mean 100% language feedback just for you and lots of exercises to encourage you to speak – and all this at a pace that best suits you.

Individual format of learning English

Learning English in the 1-1 format allows us to choose the tools that are best for you (e.g. videos, vlogs, newspapers and blogs, audio recordings, podcasts, your favourite films in the original language version, etc.). and methods (e.g. direct, audiolingual, cognitive, multiple intelligences, etc.) which perfectly match your learning predispositions and preferences.

A syllabus designed with the learner’s specific needs in mind

The individual course syllabus is entirely tailored to your needs and expectations. You pursue only the topics and issues that are important to you. What is more, if during the course some new needs arise, e.g. you want to practise vocabulary from a new field or prepare quickly for a presentation, the teacher will be at your disposal, keen to change the content of classes at any time.

Individual tuition online or face-to-face

Individual English lessons delivered by our school are in most cases remote. Our teachers have at least a few years of experience teaching online supported by a thorough understanding of how to motivate the learner to speak English at a distance! Due to the current pandemic situation, we advise against face-to-face classes, but if this is the only format you are interested in, we can organise them under a full sanitary regime.

Full class time dedicated to you

Individual English lessons are fully focused on you and your needs. 100% of the teacher’s time and attention is focused on you. If you want a completely individualised learning experience and a language training offer completely tailored to your expectations, our one-to-one English is exactly what you need!


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