English courses for groups

Wondering which learning format will be right for you? Do you want an individual approach, but would you also like to interact with other language speakers and not just with the teacher? Would you like the best possible learning environment for yourself or your team, but are keen to optimise costs? In any of the above cases, English courses for groups will be the perfect solution for you or your team!

Why learn English in a group?

English lessons in groups offer many benefits for the course participants. However, the condition is that these should be small groups, no larger than 4-6 people. This will ensure that English in a group setting, in addition to being full of interaction, is effective and optimally organised, with each participant in such a small group course having sufficient time to speak.

Interaction with other students

Our English course for groups guarantees contact and interaction with other participants, which is moderated and, if necessary, corrected by the teacher delivering the class. A carefully assembled group comprising a few participants with a similar command of the language is not only an opportunity to take part in engaging discussions in English but also a way to learn by listening to phrases and expressions used by the other students. Finally, it is an opportunity to exchange professional, company-related or life experiences – in English, of course.

Activities focusing on communication

Group English lessons focus on oral communication. Speaking is considered one of the most difficult skills when learning a foreign language. On our courses, you will talk for 90% of the class time! With English lessons in a group format, you will overcome your language barrier, break your resistance to speaking, and – more than once – step out of your comfort zone. With engaging topics, you focus on what you want to communicate without over-analysing how you want to do it. However, your teacher will ensure that you constantly improve not only your fluency but also the correctness of your speech.

Greater motivation to learn

English in a group also means more motivation to work on the language. After all, you don’t want to stand out from the group and lag behind, all the more so as you feel great in this well-assembled group of amazing people. During the many acted out conversations and meetings in English that you will participate in class, you will want to show your best side. For instance, preparing an oral presentation before an audience should also be a valuable language learning experience for you.

Learning in an online group

Group English classes are conducted at our school in the form of remote lessons. If you choose this form of language training for your company or your team, we will carry out a thorough diagnosis of the future participants’ language competence (placement test), based on which we will divide them into groups. Importantly, the members of a group should be as close as possible to each other in terms of language proficiency to ensure optimal and consistent results for each of them. With at least a few years’ experience of teaching online, our teachers know how to motivate a group during group English lessons and how to moderate learners learning English in a group so that everyone has enough time to speak and sufficient attention from the teacher.

Group classes mean a varied form of learning

Group classes are always the result of the expectations of all participants, including expectations regarding the teaching format. Our English lessons for groups are rich in engaging interactive resources, modern video material, elements of gamification, e-learning tools supporting vocabulary acquisition, as well as numerous role-play activities and case studies. These different methods and tools ensure that learning English in a group brings tangible results in a short time, representing an investment in your or your employees’ development that will pay off very quickly. See you on the course!

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