English for Software Developers

Do you work in the IT industry? Do you provide IT services to companies? Or do you design websites? Do you want to quickly improve your industry-specific language skills and start communicating with ease with your customers, colleagues, and superiors in English? You are in the right place!

90-day access

199 zł

The Package for Software Developers is a cost-effective and finely crafted product that fully meets the needs of the modern IT professional. Comprising two courses, the package will allow you to effectively improve universal language skills in a short time and considerably expand your specialist vocabulary with industry-specific phrases and expressions. This is an excellent offer that you can take advantage of here and now. Are you in?

What does the Package for Software Developers look like?

The Course Package for Software Developers comprises 21 lessons in 2 different courses: English for IT Professionals and English for the WWW, with 90-day access. The package includes lessons on topics such as operating systems, web hosting, domains, and graphic design aspects of website development in English.

English for IT Specialists

  • Lesson 1: Hardware Devices (Free Sample Lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Mobile and wearable devices
  • Lesson 3: Operating Systems
  • Lesson 4: Interfaces
  • Lesson 5: Applications
  • Lesson 6: Databases
  • Lesson 7: Data Processing
  • Lesson 8: Data Storage
  • Lesson 9: Backup
  • Lesson 10: Data Mining
  • Lesson 11: Big Data

English for the World Wide Web

  • Lesson 1: World Wide Web (Free Sample Lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Hosting
  • Lesson 3: Domains
  • Lesson 4: Browsers
  • Lesson 5: Search engines
  • Lesson 6: Web Design
  • Lesson 7: Layout
  • Lesson 8: Usability and Accessibility
  • Lesson 9: Usability testing
  • Lesson 10: Graphic design

The recommended level of English proficiency for those who want to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the Package for Software Developers is intermediate or higher.

Up-to-date content and top-quality material

All lessons in the Package for Software Developers are based on original resources developed by experienced professionals (teachers and native speakers), fluent in English and boasting excellent knowledge of the IT industry. All tasks are based exclusively on up-to-date content and issues so that you can learn the living language used in this rapidly changing industry. The tasks included in the lessons will stimulate you comprehensively, with the right balance between theory and practice – during the course, you listen, read, and speak English. Will your learning experience be effective? Yes, if you fully commit and make sure you are systematic! To make evaluation easier, you will be able to complete a quiz after each topic to assess how well you have mastered the material.

Who is this course package for?

This package of English courses for software developers caters to people who work in the general IT industry, specialise in providing IT services to businesses, and design websites and various software. The package can be used by both professionally active people and those who are just entering the labour market or are planning to change or expand their professional competencies.

If you can communicate in English, then this is the offer for you. By diligently covering all the lessons in both courses, you will quickly progress to a higher level of language proficiency and effectively master specialist vocabulary. The knowledge of industry-specific English will give you the ability to easily hold professional conversations with your clients, colleagues, and superiors – without the language barrier and resulting limitations.

Why choose the Package for Software Developers?

The Package for Software Developers gives you access to the highest quality courses and lessons, designed with people working in your industry in mind. It is a comprehensive and cost-effective proposition based on up-to-date content and IT industry challenges. In addition, you learn on your own terms – you decide on the pace of your work and where and when you tackle the next lesson.

After completing a package of two courses, you will receive a relevant certificate attesting to your new language competencies. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Try us and make a decision!

We are certain that the Package for Software Developers is the right option for you. Try us with our free demo lesson and see for yourself that specialist English is within your reach! By choosing to work with the Package for Software Developers you are taking an important step towards leveling up your professional skills. You will soon feel confident in any business situation. Program yourself for success!

All lessons and tasks in the Package for Software Developers are delivered via www.eklektika.pl – a platform that is modern and intuitive.

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