English for IT

Do you work in the IT industry? Do you want to keep up to date and develop your skills and professional competencies with no limitations? We have a crash course to help you improve your specialist English in no time.

Choose the course to suit your needs!


  • Lesson 1: Hardware Devices (Free Sample Lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Mobile and wearable devices
  • Lesson 3: Operating Systems
  • Lesson 4: Interfaces
  • Lesson 5: Applications
  • Lesson 6: Databases
  • Lesson 7: Data Processing
  • Lesson 8: Data Storage
  • Lesson 9: Backup
  • Lesson 10: Data Mining
  • Lesson 11: Big Data
  • Lesson 1: World Wide Web (Free Sample Lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Hosting
  • Lesson 3: Domains
  • Lesson 4: Browsers
  • Lesson 5: Search engines
  • Lesson 6: Web Design
  • Lesson 7: Layout
  • Lesson 8: Usability and Accessibility
  • Lesson 9: Usability testing
  • Lesson 10: Graphic design

IT is one of the fastest-growing industries in the modern world, allowing the ultrafast arranging, processing, and reading of information as well as offering innovative solutions and modern technologies that translate into rapid progress in every area of our lives.

The IT industry goes beyond absolutely all boundaries and English language skills are an essential asset for any IT professional. In-depth knowledge of English in the IT field can also come in handy for all virtual reality enthusiasts exploring it as a personal hobby.

Learn to communicate fluently in English

Whether you operate in IT as a freelancer or run an IT company, or the IT team is just one of your company’s several organisational cells – you will see for yourself that an English course for IT professionals is a great idea!

The ability to communicate in English with ease as well as the knowledge of up-to-date industry-specific vocabulary will make it possible to elevate any e-business to the next level and let you and your employees spread your wings in the professional arena.

The English courses for IT on our platform – what do they look like?

Our English for IT course is delivered on our proprietary, specialised English learning platform.

We provide the instruction of practical language skills based on industry-specific content and vocabulary as well as current trends and the latest news from the IT world. We work with specially selected resources and modern own-developed teaching material. The platform is as simple to use and intuitive as possible, and the courses were developed in such a way as to guarantee that each participant learns effectively and provide the possibility of tailoring specific elements to the learner’s individual needs and expectations.

Professional English courses for IT

Our English for IT courses are carefully designed sets of tasks that the course participants can do at their own pace, in line with their needs and abilities.

The courses were developed by specialists with an in-depth knowledge of the industry – its specificity, official vocabulary, jargon, and ubiquitous abbreviations. The course covers top topics, always in the most up-to-date version. We polish the learner’s English with resources dedicated to subjects such as software engineering, hardware, data processing, or IT support.

English for IT – what does the course offer?

Our offer of English language courses for individuals operating in IT and industry specialists is tailored to the needs and expectations of this rapidly growing and broad industry.

We know that English for IT needs to be based on the latest information and trends as well as current industry-specific vocabulary, which is why we use them to teach universal language skills to our students. Specialised English courses for IT are perfectly suited to modern e-business and fully meet the current and future expectations of IT professionals and various companies using IT support daily.

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