English for e-Commerce

Are you entering the job market? Or perhaps you already work in e-Commerce? We have something for you! A perfectly designed crash course in English that will cater to your level of advancement and equip you with the necessary language skills in a short time while effectively expanding your industry-specific vocabulary.

Choose the course to suit your needs!

  • Lesson 1: Pricing models (Free Sample Lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Visual advertising
  • Lesson 3: SEO and SEM
  • Lesson 4: Social Media Marketing
  • Lesson 5: Targeting
  • Lesson 6: Predictive Targeting
  • Lesson 7: Mobile Marketing
  • Lesson 8: Partnership Programs
  • Lesson 9: Special Offers
  • Lesson 10: Communication Tools
  • Lesson 11: Customer Relation Management
  • Lesson 12: Standardization
  • Lesson 13: Price lists
  • Lesson 14: Customer Complaints
  • Lesson 1: Choosing the Right Channel(Free Sample lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Social Media Strategy and Journey
  • Lesson 3: Vision
  • Lesson 4: Social Media Content Marketing
  • Lesson 5: Content Planning
  • Lesson 6: Content Marketing Tools
  • Lesson 7: Best Practices in Content Marketing
  • Lesson 8: Scheduling Posts on Facebook
  • Lesson 9: Facebook Videos and Groups
  • Lesson 10: Moderation
  • Lesson 11: Chatbots
  • Lesson 12: Facebook Ads
  • Lesson 1: Payment Types (Free Sample Lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Transaction Authentication
  • Lesson 3: Financial Institutions
  • Lesson 4: Chargeback
  • Lesson 5: Newest Trends in Payments
  • Lesson 6: Concluding Remote Agreements
  • Lesson 7: Individual Customer Rights
  • Lesson 8: Personal Data Protection
  • Lesson 9: Intellectual Property
  • Lesson 10: Cross-border Sales
  • Lesson 1: Data Security (Free Sample Lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Encryption
  • Lesson 3: Antivirus software
  • Lesson 4: Firewalls
  • Lesson 5: Company Security
  • Lesson 6: Cybercrime
  • Lesson 7: Malware
  • Lesson 8: Spyware
  • Lesson 9: Bots
  • Lesson 10: DDoS Attacks
  • Lesson 1: New Economy (Free Sample lesson)
  • Lesson 2: Knowledge Economy
  • Lesson 3: Implementation of IT Solutions
  • Lesson 4: Digitalization
  • Lesson 5: E-Business
  • Lesson 6: E-commerce Definition and Types
  • Lesson 7: E-commerce Site Types
  • Lesson 8: B2B
  • Lesson 9: B2C
  • Lesson 10: C2C
  • Lesson 11: Auctions
  • Lesson 12: Logistics
  • Lesson 13: Shipment Tracking
  • Lesson 14: Suppliers

E-commerce is one of the most rapidly growing areas of modern business – one changing at a dizzying pace, setting trends as well as very quickly adapting to modern technological solutions and using them effectively.

To be able to operate efficiently in online business, regardless of the type of transactions involved in it, you need to know English. After all, e-commerce has no borders and involves servicing customers from all over the world!

Improve your language skills

Do you work in e-commerce? Are you doing well but want to thrive even better?

Our English for e-Commerce courses will allow you to improve your language skills at a very rapid pace and boost your confidence when dealing with customers, business partners, or superiors. Who knows, you may soon be asking your boss for a raise…

In English, of course!

Teach your team to communicate fluently in English

Are you developing your business online? We provide online English courses for e-business!

English courses dedicated to the e-Commerce industry are a carefully designed offering that can be easily tailored to the needs of an individual or a team, enabling employees to improve their language skills quickly and effectively.

Our English for e-Commerce is a wide range of specialist courses for people working in all industries, carrying out business transactions of various kinds, i.e.: B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C.

English for e-Commerce courses at our school – what do they look like?

English for e-Commerce at Eklektika is a course tailored to the expectations of professionals working in modern e-business who want to effectively learn the language in a manner maximally suited to their current needs and abilities.

Our English for e-Commerce course is a series of carefully planned and hand-picked tasks, based on specially selected and mostly original resources. All lessons are based exclusively on the freshest industry content, selected in line with the latest trends.

Professional organisation of English for e-Commerce courses

You make a decision on an English course for your team and we… take care of the rest.

You can enrich your chosen course on the online platform with ready-made English for e-Commerce resources by working with an experienced and highly specialised teacher via Zoom or Google Hangouts.

English for e-Commerce course range

An effective English course is one tailored exactly to the needs of the company and the industry in which it operates. English for e-business is therefore based on the latest content and trends, as well as current industry-specific vocabulary, and it’s these that let you acquire universal language skills.

We offer specialist courses for e-Commerce, ideally suited to the here and now of online business, such as English for online marketing, English for online payments, or English for online security specialists.