English Learning Platform

Do you want to be successful in learning English? Do you want to work on your own terms? Our modern learning platform will enable you to learn English effectively. You will get access to professional courses and high-quality language learning materials. Learn English effectively anytime, anywhere!

English for

This package includes:

  • English for Online Marketing
  • English for Online Payments
  • English for Online Security
  • English for e-Business
  • English for Social Media


Course packages!

Includes packages:

  • English for IT
  • Business Online Core
  • Business Online Pro
  • Full Pack DO IT with English!
    6-month access
  • Full Pack DO IT with English!
    12-month access


English for IT

This package includes:

  • English for IT Specialists
  • English for the World Wide Web


English for Business

This package includes:

  • English for Business


English training has never been so effective and so accessible!

Our modern and intuitive e-learning platform will enable anyone to learn English effectively, at any time of day (and night!) and in almost any part of Poland, Europe, and other parts of the world – the only condition is Internet access. What does this mean in practice?

English courses without borders and rigid constrictions – as a user of the platform, you simply fit English training into your private or professional schedule.

English for individual learners

No matter where you are or what you do every day, what your schedule is like, or what responsibilities and challenges you have to face – you can learn English to respond to your needs and pursue your passions, thus investing in yourself and ensuring your self-development! We mean what we promise.

Eklektika’s English learning platform will simply fit into any gap in your schedule. At the same time, you can expect the highest quality of the course materials and tasks, as well as maximum effectiveness of the lessons.

English for businesses

Modern business requires those who operate in it to have a good command of English so that they can open their companies to new markets and opportunities.

The e-learning offer based on our English training platform caters to executives of businesses operating in various sectors who care about the development of their staff while striving to increase their company’s competitive edge in the European market and beyond. Whether your employees perform their work at the company’s premises or work remotely and you are separated by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of kilometres – you can learn English together or improve your language skills in selected areas and subjects.

We employ only the best of the best teachers and native speakers and guarantee that our courses are optimally tailored to the corporate needs of our clients.

Who do we teach?

The English language learning platform is designed for individuals as well as companies, from small businesses to corporations, Polish and international – hailing from various industries and carrying out diverse activities in the areas of e-commerce and IT.

It’s intensive and effective!

If you want to learn English, this is the only way! Our courses provide an intensive language learning experience that will enable you to enjoy communicating in English at ease in a short time.

Full support and monitoring of course delivery

Are in-company English courses an extra responsibility for you? We make sure it doesn’t happen! By delegating the organisation of language courses for your employees and colleagues to us, you can count on our full HR support.

What makes our English language platform stand out?

Eclecticism! When designing our e-school and building its foundations, as well as devising the details of courses for individuals and companies, we used the most effective methods and means, combining elements of different teaching styles and approaches to learning English.


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