Language workshop

The workshop format is based on a balance of theory and practice – most of the time is spent doing exercises, role-play activities, or case studies.

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The language workshop caters to people determined to craft particular English skills.

In the classes, we can focus on a selected communication skill or the students’ specific needs, e.g. by going really deep into the art of online meetings in English, perfecting accent and pronunciation, or preparing the students for an important exam.

What’s the focal point?

It’s a form of specialist and intensive course in which we work on specific language skills – effectively and quickly. The most popular to date have been the language workshops dedicated to the following: effective writing in English, online meetings in English, online presentations in English, English pronunciation, etc. We’re open to the needs and expectations of our students as well as companies and institutions, which we invite to commission us to organise any kind of intensive language workshop for their staff.

Who are our English language workshops for?

The language workshop format caters to those looking for intensive and maximally effective classes which make it possible to significantly improve selected linguistic competencies in a short time (even a few hours).

If you feel the need to improve your language skills in a particular area, fill in the gaps, overcome a barrier, or find a way to perform certain professional tasks more quickly and efficiently – the right language workshop can help you achieve your goal.

How do we teach in our language workshops?

Our workshops are always delivered by highly qualified specialists – experienced teachers perfectly familiar with the workshop’s main theme. Workshop activities are based on original resources developed using well-proven teaching techniques, recognised methodologies, and up-to-date content relating to the subject area at hand.

Why attend a language workshop?

Language workshops are an opportunity for the learner to quickly improve their language skills with respect to a chosen area. These are high-intensity classes with a focus on a selected sphere of the language.

In the workshops, we focus on specific skills and issues so that we can quickly and effectively fill in the students’ gaps, explain the most difficult linguistic issues, enable the students to expand their vocabulary in a chosen field, or simply help them to open up to stress-free conversation. We analyse the theory and then dive into practical exercises and keep practising until everything is clear.

Language workshops on offer

English language workshops organised at Eklektika are very popular as they guarantee a comprehensive approach to the chosen topic as well as maximum flexibility in the choice of resources, techniques, and methods. We make every effort to ensure that our offer is in line with current market needs as well as those reported directly to us by our students.

We organise English language workshops in a variety of formats, on different days and times, and at different levels to ensure that the classes are accessible to as many potential participants as possible. We’re also happy to design and deliver custom language workshops for companies and institutions.

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