Language coaching

We will break down your language barriers and motivate you to act. We will help you change your way of thinking and prove to yourself that a foreign language is something essentially simple and that any limitations stem from unfounded fear.

Who do we target with our language coaching offer?

Senior managers and executives who, despite being communicative (B1 level or higher), still feel insecure when using English in business situations, especially in online meetings held in English (e-workshops, e-presentations, e-business meetings etc.)

What is Language and Career Coaching about?

  • Harmonious cooperation between the coach and the client to achieve a mutually agreed language goal by using effective coaching tools.
  • Devising a professional development strategy that includes language development and putting it into practice step by step.
  • Removing psychological and emotional language barriers.
  • Setting priorities and an action plan based on the “here and now” challenges.
  • Changing the coach’s way of thinking and perceiving reality (mind maps and paradigms) and, consequently, changing their behaviours and thought habits that stifle them.
  • Setting a very specific and realistic goal to be achieved, one strictly defined in time.
  • Greater satisfaction derived from meetings that motivate and inspire further language learning and personal development.

How we run the sessions:

Online, with 24/7 availability.

How many sessions does the package consist of?

The minimum number is 10 90-minute sessions.


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