Language services for businesses

We offer comprehensive language support for your business. Also, our services include one-off training sessions for special purposes and remote assistance, as well as support for your staff in overcoming language barriers.
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Language outplacement

If you are in the process of changing jobs or, due to sudden and necessary cutbacks in your company, you want to support your employees in their search for new jobs, we invite you to use our language outplacement service.


Ongoing online support

Remote assistance in organizing events such as real-time translation of webinars and video conferences, checking presentations, texts, and more. Contact us and see how we can help you.


Language coaching

We will break down your language barriers and motivate you to act. We will help you change your way of thinking and prove to yourself that a foreign language is something essentially simple and that any limitations stem from unfounded fear.


Language audit for businesses

We provide professional comprehensive language audit services with respect to your employees or a quick telephone language testing of job applicants.


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