English for businesses – English training at company premises

Are you looking to invest in your employees’ development? Choose the in-company English courses delivered by our language school! We will tailor the offer to your vision and expectations, carry out a language audit, and design effective training. What about the results? They are quick and satisfying.

Knowledge of English is one of the key competencies in today’s world, regardless of the line of business, in almost every industry and position. Do businesses need English training? Sure! It’s an excellent idea for an investment! A highly qualified team with a working knowledge of the language (or better) is the key to success in international business. We offer you in-company English courses, tailored to your needs and expectations and fine-tuned to the English proficiency level of your staff. Shall we get started?

English courses for companies tailored to the needs of business

English for businesses means courses, training sessions, and workshops that optimally cater to the needs of modern business. We operate in the here and now, based on up-to-date material and with global corporations’ current challenges and problems in mind. Our English for businesses offering also gives you the opportunity to choose any specialisation of the course and focus on what is most important in your industry.

Why choose English for businesses?

English is spoken by nearly 2 billion people worldwide. Do you run a company that operates in international markets? Your team should have a command of English allowing them to communicate at ease and effectively with clients and business partners from all over the world! In-company English courses make it possible for the staff to improve their language skills quickly and efficiently as well as overcome any barriers they may experience. Employees who learn in each other’s company go through the training with full commitment, motivating and encouraging each other to achieve their language goals. English for companies is an investment that simply pays off!

English for companies with Eklektika

Interested in English training for a company? It’s what we do best! We have designed and successfully delivered dozens of general, business, and industry-specific English courses for companies. Their participants have improved their all-round language skills and effectively expanded their vocabulary. Your team could be next! English for companies is an offering that we always tailor to the client’s needs.

We entrust the delivery of our English courses only to the best teachers and native speakers, who use well-proven teaching methods and top quality original materials. We guarantee you full support in organising and conducting training in your company. We carry out effective language audits and evaluations, with the results of our work delivered to you in the form of a detailed report.

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