Cooperation opportunities for teachers, language schools, and universities

Are you a schoolteacher or do you teach English at university? Do you run a language school? Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to make your classes more interesting? Do you want to enrich your repertoire or make your school’s offer more attractive? Do you need professional support to make your English in IT curriculum more diverse?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, try the courses we offer via the platform

Available courses:

  1. English for IT
  2. English for e-Business
  3. English for Online Marketing
  4. English for Online Security
  5. English for the WWW
  6. English for Online Payments
  7. English for Business
  8. Bonus! English Grammar
  9. English for Social Media – under development

You can incorporate the courses offered on the platform into your course or university language curriculum at any time.

Benefits for English teachers:

  • ready-to-use curriculum with resources,
  • the latest educational resources (Student & Teacher versions) for innovative teaching, available online and offline,
  • manual and training for teachers on online teaching methodology – useful tips, most interesting teaching tools, and supplementary resources,
  • ongoing 24/7 teacher support online,
  • ready-to-use progress tests for each module,
  • solutions for tracking progress online and motivating students,
  • full technical support provided by Eklektika,
  • attractive discounts for your students and commission-based remuneration for you.

Benefits for your students:

  • 24/7 availability allowing students to learn at their own pace, following the course curriculum,
  • the latest topics related to IT, e-commerce, and general business – business case studies developed with the biggest players operating in these areas in Poland,
  • support in the shape of pdf manuals with specialist vocabulary pertaining to specific areas,
  • exercises to improve speaking, reading, and listening skills,
  • elements of gamification to keep users engaged,
  • innovative teaching and self-study resources,
  • course completion certificate.

Benefits for organisations or institutions:

  • a modern response to the need for distance learning with ready-to-use resources, well-proven curricula, and industry experts involved in the development of the teaching resources,
  • users’ competitive edge in the labour market through additional learning and certification opportunities,
  • increased employee motivation through an online course that is a convenient and safe form of education in the uncertain pandemic times,
  • better trained employees who can interact with the business without the fear of being misunderstood,
  • access to the freshest resources related to the IT and e-commerce industries,
  • user accounts assigned to the organisation to enable any number of students to learn,
  • no long-term commitments,
  • full technical support provided by Eklektika,
  • simple and low-cost implementation without the need to install specialised software,
  • attractive discounts for group purchases.

We’re flexible. If you have good ideas for using our platform in teaching and want to share them, please e-mail us at

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