Learning English via Skype

The teacher will explain all the intricacies in your language and use conversation to break down your language barrier.
And it will be a fully online experience!

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How about learning English via Skype or another online communicator?

We offer you the easiest way to learn English, in a comfortable environment and without having to leave your home or office. It’s a learning experience that knows no boundaries. English lessons via Skype give you complete freedom to choose where you learn – all you need is some equipment and Internet access handy.

We can also meet on other platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, Hangouts Meet, Slack, or WhatsApp. Are you ready?

Learning English with a teacher via Skype – who is it for?

Learning English using one of the most popular online messengers is an option for all those who would like to avoid commitments and value freedom of choice above all else. It’s also an excellent solution for people whose lifestyle and work prevent them from committing to attendance in on-site lessons on specific days and times.

If your hobbies or work mean that you are constantly on the move and you can never be sure what you’ll be doing or where you’ll be staying in a few days – English via Skype, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams is a solution for you.

Our online English lessons can also be used by people who simply don’t want to waste time travelling to a language school – we’re there for you on your mobile or desktop devices. All you need is an Internet connection and Skype or another platform, which we can choose together.

Learn English your way

Lessons in English via Skype, Zoom Meetings, or Microsoft Teams allow you to have the learning experience fine-tuned to your abilities, needs, and expectations. It is up to you to decide when you want to learn and how intensive the learning process will be.

Also, you’ll be able to choose subject areas or topics of interest to you. We can focus on a specific task or challenge (e.g. an upcoming English examination or job interview) or develop a plan to improve your general language skills based on content related to any industry or subject relevant to your interests or passions.

And remember that we can meet via Skype, Zoom Meetings, or Microsoft Teams wherever you are at a given time!

Outstanding teachers and high-quality resources

Our English lessons on Internet communication platforms are delivered by passionate teachers with all relevant qualifications and necessary competences. Our teaching staff and native speakers are professionals fluent in English. They boast a broad knowledge of specific fields and industries as well as extensive professional experience outside the teaching business, which they have gained in diverse positions at companies operating in a variety of industries.

During your English lessons via Skype, you’ll work with our highest quality original resources, developed based on the latest content relating to specific subject areas or lines of business.

Why choose English lessons via Skype?

Learning English via Skype and other online messengers means the freedom that you really want. You can learn anywhere, at a time agreed with the teacher and with specially selected original resources.

English via Skype allows you to have your learning experience fine-tuned to your abilities, needs, and schedule, allowing for your daily duties, professional commitments, or university timetable.

We guarantee that your lessons will be delivered by an experienced teacher or native speaker in a way no different, in terms of effectiveness and professionalism, from the classic on-site classes organised in a language school.

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