E-conversations with a native speaker

The lessons aim to get the learner to talk, break down their communication barriers, and improve their speaking style, accent, intonation, etc. Also, they let them get used to communicating with native speakers and learn to understand different accents.

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Are you looking for a native speaker who has a perfect command of their language and knows the culture of their country with all its nuances? Are you ready for a language challenge? Are you interested in learning through lively real-life conversation? Take advantage of our conversation lessons with native speakers.

Native speakers working with our school

  • have a university degree, CELTA or DELTA certificate, or equivalent qualification,
  • come from different regions and talk with different accents,
  • in many cases, have hands-on experience of international business,
  • have experience of teaching,
  • work as teachers because they have found their passion in teaching.

Native speaker – Eklektika

A native speaker is a person for whom a given language is their mother tongue, somebody perfectly familiar with all its nuances as well as the customs and traditions of the country or region from which they come.

Native speakers of English working at Eklektika are professionals who grew up in the UK and the United States, but also in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, and have a university degree and relevant certificates qualifying them to teach their language. They are people driven by passion and boasting extensive life and work experience, also related to international business. Find out how you could benefit from conversations with a native speaker.

At Eklektika, we also employ native speakers of other languages we teach, e.g. Spanish, German, Russian, and French, to name but a few.

Conversations with a native speaker – who are they for?

We recommend lessons with a native speaker to learners at level B1 (intermediate) and upwards while particularly encouraging level C1 (advanced) and C2 (proficiency) language users to perfect their language skills in this way.

Language classes with a native speaker allow you to establish genuine contact with a native user of the language and naturally enrich your language. What’s more, when not being able to use your first language when communicating with the teacher, you are forced to make maximum use of the foreign language and cope on your own with any communication-related situations in which you may find yourself.

Conversation lessons with a native speaker are a good solution for those who have mastered English well enough to communicate but don’t want to stop there. If you want to quickly and effectively break down the language barriers you experience and overcome whatever inhibits your fluency and accuracy – e-conversations with a native speaker are exactly what you need!

They are also an excellent way to learn a language effectively, achieve successive levels of advancement, improve universal language skills, and expand your vocabulary of words, expressions, and phrases. Our conversation lessons with native speakers are used by individual students, groups, as well as companies keen to invest in their employees’ development.

English lessons with a native speaker – what do they look like?

At Eklektika, however, English with a native speaker is much more than chitchat about the English weather. Naturally enough, there are elements of small talk, but each lesson has a specific structure and learning objective, and the courses (which also applies to conversation lessons) are based on syllabi. This way you know what to expect and what the course plan is.

English lessons with a native speaker are organised in a way that allows devoting as much time as possible to the most important thing – communication. It is during a casual or focused conversation – intuitively and often not entirely consciously (but always effectively!) – that you learn to speak English, discover and remember new vocabulary, and master new grammar.

E-conversations with a native speaker can be conducted based on either the highest quality original resources developed by Eklektika or select books, new articles handpicked from magazines, and other content tailored to the capabilities, needs, and expectations of the learner (or a group of learners).

English with a native speaker – there are only good points

English lessons with a native speaker create conditions in which, in the most natural way possible, you open up to communication in English. The need to communicate motivates the learner to speak English (and only English) and thus learn to handle any conversation-based situation.

Lessons with a native speaker mean strong training in the practical use of language skills, an opportunity to expand vocabulary effectively, and a chance to learn about the teacher’s country or region of origin.

Why take tutoring from a native speaker

E-conversations with a native speaker are a strong way to learn English through practice. Here we don’t focus on theory, we don’t wade through innumerable textbooks, and we don’t visit every nook and cranny of grammar. E-conversations with a native speaker will prove that you do speak English! Once you’ve got used to this discovery – we’ll move on to tackle new subject areas and words.

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