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Learn anywhere and at any time using original resources selected with your specific needs in mind!

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Learning with an English tutor

Learning English with a qualified teacher will make you overcome your language barrier gradually and effectively. Click here to read more about the countless advantages of studying a language with Eklektika’s teachers.


Conversations with native speakers online

A native speaker is someone who acquired a given language in early childhood. Lessons with native speakers are run only in English. That makes it particularly effective when fighting the fear of speaking a foreign language. Find out more here!


English online is the most convenient way to learn a language, without leaving home and in a way that is optimally adapted to the learner’s individual abilities, needs, and expectations.

Online English courses are delivered through popular, widely available, extremely convenient, and intuitive online platforms: Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom Meetings. Such English lessons guarantee a highly effective learning process. It’s time just for you and we will make the most of it.

Learning English on the Internet – who is it for?

Online English courses are dedicated to all those who want a comfortable learning experience, available immediately, exactly where they are at a given time.

Learning English on the Internet means learning without boundaries – it’s enough if you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and an Internet connection. Yes, that’s all you need. The opportunity to adjust the schedule of the e-conversations to your daily schedule and choose the areas of your interest, with which you will be dealing in the online meetings, allows for optimal personalisation of the course. This will be online English tailored exactly to your needs.

Online English course – organisation

We make every effort to ensure that our online English courses are flexible and can be fully adapted to your abilities and needs. E-conversations are conducted by teachers and native speakers – the best of the best, fluent in the language, and with the necessary qualifications and top-notch methodological knowledge. We arrange all the details of the online English courses individually to suit your needs to the fullest.

Online English lessons – perfectly tailored

Every lesson is different, none is boring.

Online English lessons provide the opportunity for the learner to effectively consolidate their knowledge, consistently improve their skills, and effectively broaden their vocabulary. We can simply have a conversation or work with any resources, guiding you through the course or supporting you in exploring English in areas that interest you, using methods and tools optimally suited to the way of learning that is best for you.

Intensive and effective learning experience – an online English course

One-to-one e-courses or e-conversations conducted in small groups create an opportunity for intensive learning of English focused on achieving specific goals.

What about the results? You will see them sooner than you think!

With the maximum personalisation of the courses and the fact that their level and scope are tailored to your needs, your online English course will be very effective, while the quickly broken down barriers and rapidly acquired successive levels of language proficiency will boost your self-confidence and motivation.

We will do it together and we will do it in a good way!

Why choose an online English course?

Online English allows you to optimally adapt your course to your current abilities, needs, language skills, and interests. You learn exactly what you find important at a given time, which helps you avoid the frustration of walking the beaten track and gives you impressive results in a short space of time.

At Eklektika, you will only meet professional and properly qualified native speakers and teachers who are fluent in English and can effectively share their knowledge, motivate and inspire their students, as well as encourage them to take on new language-related challenges.

Online English is your English, here and now.