Business English

This course is an opportunity to effectively improve universal language skills and enrich your vocabulary with new expressions, phrases, and idiomatic language commonly used in business.

You won’t be afraid to attend business talks or engage in small talk behind the scenes!

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No matter what line of business you’re in or what your responsibilities are, the English language allows you to pursue your next venture with no constraints – after all, language means business.

Business English is the language you need so that you can have casual conversations, either loosely or closely related to business, of any nature and with respect to any industry. However far your aspirations reach and however you want to spread your wings in business – do it perfectly and do it in English.

A Business English course – who is it for?

Business English courses are dedicated to all people working in business, running their own companies, managing enterprises, as well as all company employees, regardless of their position or industry.

A Business English course is an opportunity to effectively improve your universal language skills as well as effectively enriching your vocabulary with new words, phrases, and expressions commonly used in business. This will boost your confidence when having any conversation, no matter its calibre. You won’t be afraid of the small talk behind the scenes either.

Business English certificates

Are you keen to achieve a specific level of business English command? English courses for businesspeople can end with an examination allowing you to obtain a certificate of your choice, relevant to the level of the course and your skills. A certified command of Business English can be an important item on your CV, especially if you are just entering the world of business or simply looking for new professional challenges.

What does an English for Business course look like?

Business English courses are held on-site and online, in groups (comprising company employees) or on a one-to-one basis. Always developed with up-to-date real-life content and following current trends in business, the course is based on original resources. It’s delivered by teachers and native speakers who, in addition to perfect knowledge of the language and teaching competencies, also have professional experience in business – they simply know what they’re talking about.

Our Business English classes can be used by private individuals or organisations intent on investing in their staff in this way – equipping them with an additional tool for working with foreign customers.

Why choose a Business English course

Business English courses offered by Eklektika are tailored to the needs and expectations of businesspeople and based on the latest economic, financial, and marketing-related information from Poland, Europe, and the rest of the world. Our course will allow you to learn the living language of modern business while improving your universal language skills.

Tell us what exactly you need, and we’ll offer you an English course optimally tailored to your business.

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