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The C1 Advanced (CAE) exam preparation course means an intensive practice that prepares you for the C1 Advanced exam. The C1 Advanced (CAE) language qualification is recognised almost all over the world, attesting to your advanced English skills. The C1 Advanced examination consists of four parts, accurately testing your English in four areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. During the course, we will devote an appropriate amount of time to each of them! We guarantee you optimal conditions for effective learning, comprehensive subject-specific support from our specialists, and top-quality teaching materials. We will work with a variety of techniques and methods so that you can experience real exam conditions. Shall we get started?

Why the C1 Advanced (CAE) certificate?

The C1 Advanced English language qualification can be an important part of your CV and an asset that will enhance your profile in the job market. The C1 Advanced certificate is recognised by over 6,000 institutions in the world, including the largest international corporations, universities, and government institutions, also Polish ones (Civil Service Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Science). It is also a qualification that will make it possible for you to automatically earn credit for English at universities in Poland (i.e. it will exempt you from your final exams), take part in student exchanges and, coupled with adequate pedagogical training, allow you to work as a teacher of English at primary and secondary schools.

The C1 Advanced (CAE) certificate – who is it for?

The C1 Advanced certificate is awarded to anybody who successfully passes the C1 Advanced exam (C1 on the CEFR scale). If you are planning a career in an international corporation, want to study or do an internship abroad, dream of working in diplomacy or the civil service, or want to become a certified tour guide or holiday representative – the C1 Advanced course and C1 Advanced certificate are exactly what you need! The C1Advanced qualification attests that your level of English is C1, i.e. that you have mastered advanced language skills and can use the English language fluently and confidently in any situation.

The C1 Advanced (CAE) certificate – Eklektika’s English course preparing learners for the C1 Advanced exam

The C1 Advanced course at Eklektika is a sure way to prepare perfectly for the C1 Advanced exam. Our exam preparation courses are delivered by experienced specialists: teachers and native speakers who guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness of the student’s learning experience. This intensive course will allow you to revise and consolidate grammar and vocabulary, as well as hone the practical language skills necessary for the advanced level exam.