English – Level A1

Have you made the decision to start learning English? What we have for you is an intensive course that will effectively equip you with fundamental skills and basic vocabulary. We’ll give you robust basics, with which you’ll soon be able to achieve further levels of advancement!

The Council of Europe scale (The Common European Framework of ReferenceCEFR) distinguishes six levels of language proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2) and divides them into three groups (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

English level A1 is a course for beginners, i.e. those who have never learned English before or did so long ago, and their exposure to the language was so limited that they simply have to start right from the beginning.

Have you made the decision to start learning English from scratch? Congratulations! Find out what we can offer you and what skills you will master on our English courses for beginners, i.e. at A1 level.

A1 English course – who is it for?

English for beginners, i.e. at level A1, is a course catering to those who want to start learning English from scratch at any point in their lives.

Dreaming of travelling the world safely? Do you want to go abroad to work or improve your professional qualifications? Do you have passions that you want to pursue without limiting yourself to the sources of information and inspiration available in your native language?

English language courses for beginners are a solution that can be used by anyone who has never studied the language or who has had negligible exposure to it – regardless of age, profession, or interests. Remember, it’s never too late to start learning English!

What you will learn on the English course for A1 level learners

English for Beginners, Level A1, is a course for those learning from scratch.

We will do our best to make sure that you master the basics of English in as short a time as possible so that you can communicate at ease in simple everyday situations. After completing our A1 course, you will understand and use basic everyday life phrases and expressions, become able to effectively introduce yourself and other people, and ask questions about basic things (e.g. where your interlocutor lives, directions to the place you want to reach, time o’clock, objects, and people); you will also acquire a vocabulary of about 550 of the most important words. We are confident that you will overcome the language barrier and become able to have simple conversations with people who speak slowly and clearly.

The above skills are in line with the CEFR system for speakers with a basic (A1) command of English.

English course for beginners – organisation

We organise basic level (A1) English courses for beginners – online, in small, carefully assembled groups as well as on a one-to-one basis.

The courses are taught by experienced teachers using the most effective teaching methods.

We work with reputable digital textbooks and original teaching resources, which we develop for people like you who, for various reasons, have now decided to start learning the language.

An intensive and effective learning experience is our promise!

We know you have no time to waste!

This is why our English for Beginners course is intensive. This format guarantees very fast acquisition of basic language skills and allows you to master a basic vocabulary of about 550 must-know words and phrases to let you communicate effectively in everyday life, express your thoughts in a simple way, read and translate simple text, write basic e-mails, and fill in simple forms.

Courses for beginner groups make it easier for the learner to overcome the language barrier, while on one-to-one courses for beginners, you have the opportunity to fine-tune the pace of learning to your needs.

Why choose English courses held at Eklektika language school?

Our language school Eklektika – Language Means Business offers you the most modern approach to learning, classes with only the best teachers and native speakers, as well as courses based on the highest quality and original teaching resources. We deliver an effective and intensive learning experience without wasting time doing what you will never need. We work hard to ensure that each course is tailored to your needs and expectations.

Moreover, we attach great importance to our students’ comfort. We want you to feel confident and at ease with us, regardless of your age, occupation, or motivation to learn English.


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