English – Level C2

Have you already mastered English at an advanced level? It’s time for the run-up to the final goal! What is ahead of you is level C2, i.e. an advanced plus course. After completing the course you will be fluent and comfortable in English in any situation. Set yourself up for intensive learning and a fast pace of work.

The Council of Europe scale (The Common European Framework of ReferenceCEFR) distinguishes six levels of language proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2) and divides them into three groups (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

English at level C2 is a course for highly advanced learners who have mastered the language at an upper-intermediate level and completed the C1 level course.

Our C2 level course in English is learning towards the last of the six language proficiency levels, and its completion usually means that you have perfected your command of English and can communicate at ease in the language, about any topic and with anyone.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and start the run-up to your final goal? Check out what we have prepared for you and what skills you will achieve after completing our English course for highly advanced, level C2 learners.

C2 English course – who is it for?

English for highly advanced learners, level C2, is a course catering to those who have already mastered the language at the advanced level (C1) and find it easy to communicate fluently in English both in everyday life and at work, while travelling abroad and pursuing their passions.

Can you understand a wide range of complex and long utterances, easily decipher hidden meanings, and express such utterances yourself with ease and correctly in grammatical terms? A C2 level course is the right choice for you!

Our English course for advanced plus learners will help you become even more at ease, fluent, and confident when using the language, enabling you to achieve its perfect command.

What you will learn on the English course for C2 level learners

The English course for advanced plus learners, level C2, will allow you to effectively improve and consolidate your language skills and become genuinely at ease with English in any situation.

As a C2 level English speaker, you will easily understand practically everything you hear or read, you will become capable of summarising all information without any problems, fluently and in a manner that is grammatically impeccable, as well as analysing and formulating all kinds of arguments, also based on complex written and oral sources. Your utterances will always be effortless, logically structured, and precise, using a full vocabulary range, from which you will intuitively and automatically choose phrases and expressions that perfectly fit the context.

Once you have completed level C2, you will reach a native speaker-like language proficiency.

The above skills are in line with the CEFR system for speakers with a command of English described as advanced plus (C2).

English for highly advanced learners – organisation

We organise English language courses at advanced plus level in a variety of online formats, for both individual students and small, carefully assembled groups.

All courses are delivered by experienced professionals with the necessary qualifications and fluency in English: teachers and exceptional native speakers.

In our work, we use modern and well-proven teaching methods and original resources. Our courses are always optimally tailored to the needs and expectations of our students and meet the highest quality standards. Also, they stand out by high efficiency and the learner’s large degree of autonomy in the choice of the course’s thematic slant.

We teach intensively and effectively

Our level C2 (advanced plus) course is an English course for those who know exactly what they want, have the knowledge of the language at an advanced level, and have decided to start the run-up to their final goal, which is native speaker-like proficiency.

We know that you can learn quickly and effectively and that you consistently strive to achieve your goals, which is why made our level C2 English course so intensive – we challenge you and are confident that you will rise to the challenge.

We teach with a strong focus on what is most important to you, using material, phrases, and expressions both general – concerning a variety of areas of life, and specific to the industry that interests you.

Set yourself up for hard work and a really fast pace! Your success is in your hands!

Why choose English for advanced learners at Eklektika school of languages?

Eklektika means a modern approach to teaching English. We focus on the considerable improvement of all-round language skills based on up-to-date content and resources that optimally match your interests and needs, without wasting time on unnecessary subjects.

We only work with the best teachers and native speakers who have the necessary professional qualifications and experience (also relevant to the student’s industry). They are committed and passionate people with an excellent command of English who effectively support their students in achieving new levels of language proficiency.

At every level of English, it’s you that is most important to us!


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