English – Level C1

You speak English fluently and usually without much effort, but… you don’t want to stop there? What we have for you is a course for advanced learners that, in a short time, will allow you to effectively improve your all-round language skills and successfully expand your vocabulary. You will be just one step away from perfection!

The Council of Europe scale (The Common European Framework of ReferenceCEFR) distinguishes six levels of language proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2) and divides them into three groups (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

English at the C1 level is a course for advanced users of the language, those who have already mastered it at the intermediate level. Our C1 English course is the first of the two levels that separate you from perfect command of the language enabling you to communicate at ease about any subject.

Are you ready for the challenge? Check out what we have prepared for you and what skills you will achieve after completing our English course for advanced learners.

C1 English course – who is it for?

English for advanced learners, level C1, is a course catering to those who have already mastered the language at the intermediate level (B1 and B2) and find it easy to communicate in English both in everyday life and at work, while travelling abroad and pursuing their passions.

Do you want to quickly and effectively take your language skills to an even higher level?

Do you want to improve your competitive edge in the job market or advance to a better position that will give your career a boost?

The advanced English course is exactly what you need!

What you will learn on the English course for C1 level learners

Our course in English for advanced learners, level C1, will allow you to effectively improve your all-round language skills and successfully expand your vocabulary – quickly and intensively. As a C1 level user of English, you will understand a wide range of complex, long utterances and be able to decipher their hidden meanings perfectly. Enviably, your speech will be very fluent – you will easily and spontaneously use vocabulary appropriate to the moment and perfectly fitting into the context. Also, you will have no trouble expressing yourself, with accuracy and nuance, as well as correctly in grammatical terms, about all kinds of topics, including very difficult ones. Achieving the C1 level of English command will equate to fluency in English and the ability to take the exam leading to the C1 Advanced certificate (formerly Certificate in Advanced English – CAE).

You can make all of this happen!

The above skills are in line with the CEFR system for speakers with an advanced (level C1) command of English.

English for advanced learners, level C1 – organisation

We organise advanced (level C1) English courses in a variety of online formats, in small, carefully assembled groups as well as on a one-to-one basis.

All courses are delivered by experienced professionals: teachers and sensational native speakers.

In our work, we use modern and well-proven teaching methods and excellent original resources.

We make every effort to ensure that our courses are optimally tailored to the needs and expectations of our students and meet the highest quality standards, with exceptional effectiveness and focus on the learner’s success.

We teach intensively and effectively

English for advanced learners, level C1, is an English course for those who know exactly what they want and consistently strive to attain their clearly defined goals. We know that you want to take your language skills to the highest level and expand your vocabulary in a short time, which is why we make sure that our courses are intensive and as effective as possible.

We teach with a strong focus on what is most relevant to you, using material, phrases, and expressions both general and specific to the industry that interests you. Set yourself up for hard work and a really fast pace!

Why choose English at Eklektika school of languages?

Our language school Eklektika boasts a cutting edge approach to teaching English, one that focuses on all-round language skills enhanced through living language.

We only work with the best teachers and native speakers who have the necessary professional qualifications and experience (also relevant to the student’s industry). They are committed and passionate people with a perfect command of English who effectively support their students in achieving new levels of language proficiency.

Your development and satisfaction with the courses are our top priorities! Let’s do this!


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