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English - level A1

Have you decided to start learning English? What we have for you is an intensive course that will effectively equip you with the essential skills and basic vocabulary to enable you to progress to the next level very soon!


English for advanced learners

Do you want to feel even more confident, have advanced language skills and a wide range of vocabulary? Then this is the right place for you! Our intensive courses for advanced learners on level C1 and C2 are the ideal choice to perfect your English skills.


English for intermediate learners

We offer English for all levels, including intermediate English courses for B1 and B2 level students.


A good command of English is one of the key competencies in today’s world, one opening the door to travelling freely and safely, meeting people, discovering new passions, and pursuing educational and professional plans – without borders. Any time and any reason are good enough to start! We offer courses tailored to your needs and abilities, optimally adapted to your level of language proficiency and the goals you want to achieve. Shall we get started?

Language levels – the CEFR scale

The Council of Europe scale (The Common European Framework of ReferenceCEFR) distinguishes six levels of language proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2) and divides them into three groups (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Within each group and each level, you develop general language skills and expand your vocabulary. The higher the level, the more developed your skills and the wider the range of words, phrases and expressions at your disposal. By learning the language step by step, with a strong focus on progress and with the best teachers and native speakers, you can soon enjoy complete freedom and fluency in conversational English.

What you’ll learn in English lessons for beginners

English for beginners is a course delivered at two levels of advancement: A1 and A2. A1 courses in English should be taken by people who have never learned the language. We start with the basics and quickly equip you with the most important skills and words, phrases, and expressions. A2 level English courses are designed for people who have already mastered the basics and want to continue learning the language. English language courses for beginners will enable you to communicate in everyday situations using simple expressions – in a direct exchange on familiar topics. You’ll be able to use basic language to describe yourself and your closest environment, as well as matters relating to the needs of everyday life, e.g. shopping, getting around town, or work.

What you’ll learn in English lessons for intermediate learners

English for Intermediate learners is a course delivered at two levels: B1 and B2. The courses are addressed to people who have already mastered the basics and want to develop their language skills at a communicative level. Completing the intermediate courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills to communicate freely not only in everyday life or when travelling but also in many situations where it’s necessary to engage in spontaneous conversations on any topic. After completing the B1 and B2 courses, you’ll understand the meaning of complex content and be able to easily express detailed statements as well as clearly explaining your point of view. You’ll feel confident due to your ability to discuss most topics with ease, fluently, and spontaneously, also when interacting with native speakers of English. Your English will attain a level described as communicative!

What you’ll learn in English lessons for advanced learners

English for advanced learners is a course delivered at two levels: C1 and C2. The courses cater to people who have a good command of English (spoken and written) and want to raise the bar by improving their general language skills, polishing their grammar, and enriching their vocabulary with new expressions and phrases, including those more sophisticated and specialist. After completing C1 and C2, you’ll easily understand almost everything you hear and read, be able to put across complex ideas (orally and in writing) – fluently, spontaneously, and based on any sources (including specialist ones). You’ll gain confidence and complete ease when communicating in English and, with a vast range of words, phrases, and expressions, you will be able to effortlessly interact with anybody for whom English is the native language.

Why choose English at Eklektika school of languages?

Eklektika school of languages is a guarantee of a modern approach to learning and courses delivered by the best teachers and native speakers. We provide a strong and effective learning experience using well-proven methods and top-notch original resources. We teach using a variety of online formats, in small and carefully assembled groups, as well as in a one-to-one setting. We work hard to ensure that each course is tailored to your needs and expectations.>

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