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German belongs to the Germanic family of languages and is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe. The standard German language, i.e. Hochdeutsch, is based on Martin Luther’s Bible, which itself draws from the spoken language of Upper Saxony and Thuringia. As far as the economy is concerned, Germany is one of the world’s leading countries, which is why the knowledge of German is highly valued in the job market. As a result, the popularity of German language courses continues to grow among potential learners.

German is the mother tongue of more than 105 million people. It’s spoken as a foreign language by more than 20 million people, who have completed courses in German for general or business purposes. In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, or Luxembourg, German is the official language, and it ranks tenth in the world in terms of the number of its native speakers. Thanks to information technology, it’s now possible to learn German online at a time and place convenient for you.

General German

Our general German courses have the following aims:

  • to introduce a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures that enable communication in a German-speaking environment,
  • to break down the communication barrier through various exercises such as problem-solving, role-play activities, as well as simulation of meetings and everyday life situations,
  • to allow the learner to practise their comprehension of spoken language in its many varieties,
  • to strengthen the learner’s ability to use lexical and grammatical structures fluently in a reasonably wide range of everyday and professional situations,
  • to develop the learner’s ability to express opinions, take part in discussions, as well as understand and write texts of a considerable length.
  • to provide preparation for language examinations, e.g. TELC or WiDaF

Levels of advancement we teach:

Level Description of skills
A1 You understand and can use very simple sentences in German.
A2 You can communicate in everyday situations.
B1 You can talk about many topics using simple language.
B2 You understand more complex texts and can hold a standard conversation in German.
C1 You understand difficult texts and can answer any question fluently and spontaneously.
C2 You speak (almost) as well as a native speaker.

Lesson formats:

  • lessons on a one-to-one basis or in small groups – on your company premises
  • lessons on a one-to-one basis or in small groups – remotely

Business German

After completing our Wirtschaftsdeutsch (Business German) course, you will

  • gain the ability to engage in important business talks in German in a stress-free manner,
  • gain new business contacts,
  • find it easy to deliver presentations to a large audience,
  • increase your employees’ effectiveness in a short time,
  • have no difficulty understanding foreigners from different German-speaking countries,
  • feel at ease in both business and social situations,
  • write mistake-free e-mails or reports,
  • learn to speak, write, and think in German!

How we work:

  • we focus on communication, so most of the time in class is spent speaking,
  • we use live language and real-life and up-to-date articles and videos,
  • we teach on a one-to-one basis or in small groups (we recommend groups of 2-3 people),
  • we use the inductive method to teach grammar instead of boring you with theory,
  • we consolidate new vocabulary using a mobile application,
  • we closely monitor the course and its participants’ progress,
  • we tailor each course to the learners’ individual needs,
  • we have teachers boasting extensive business experience, including many native speakers (Muttersprachler) from various German-speaking countries

We offer Business German classes at the following levels of advancement: B1, B2, C1, C2.

As part of the course, we can prepare you for German language exams such as TELC or WiDaF.

Lesson formats:

  • lessons on a one-to-one basis or in small groups – on your company premises
  • lessons on a one-to-one basis or in small groups – remotely

Swiss German

Are you preparing for a trip to Switzerland? Do you work with Swiss partners? Do you want to learn the most important phrases and expressions of the Swiss variety of the German language and the cultural aspects of life in the German-speaking part of Switzerland? You’ll be surprised how easily and quickly you’ll master the most important expressions.

The Swiss dialect (the so-called Schweizerdeutsch) is spoken among all the Swiss living in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Did you know?

Swiss German is used only in speech. The written language in the German-speaking part of Switzerland is the so-called High German (Hoch Deutsch). Hoch Deutsch is also used in schools and at universities. Also, this type of German is the language of the press and most books, as well as TV programmes.

If you can already speak German, and your level is at least B1, we offer you a basic course in Swiss German. You’ll quickly learn correct pronunciation as well as the most common everyday phrases. Swiss German has its unique grammar and vocabulary and is as easy to learn as any other European language.

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