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DO IT with English online platform

Our proprietary platform DO IT with English is the only online English platform in the world designed especially for IT and e-Business professionals.

Our tool will help you quickly and effectively master or consolidate vocabulary from the areas that are of the greatest importance to you, including:

  • Software and hardware
  • Web design
  • Online security
  • Data management
  • Online business models
  • Online marketing
  • Online payments
  • Legal aspects of e-Business

You choose the topics that matter to you by yourself and you can work on them where you want and when you want. DO IT with English is based on specialist articles and videos. All the material is divided into short, clear portions available for mobile.

Check it out on www.english4ecommerce.com

We recommend a combination of study on the online platform and classes with a teacher (in classroom or remotely).

Our offer also includes other platforms and distance-learning options (General English, Business English, remote classes).


Do you want to learn new vocabulary more effectively and remember it better?

QUIZLET is a vocabulary-learning tool that uses games, gamification, quizzes etc. and wins many accolades from its users across the world. A web app that will enable you to master the vocabulary covered in the course quickly, efficiently and FOR GOOD.

Quizlet can be used anywhere, anytime; it is available 24/7, also on mobile devices.

Your vocabulary learning will improve significantly with just 10-15 minutes of study 2-3 times per week.

Check out these sample demo vocabulary sets:

Remote classes

You’ve chosen one of our courses but you want the freedom to learn the language from anywhere? Your employees are dispersed across different cities? Choose remote classes!

Virtual classes make it possible to create groups that are uniform in level and profile, regardless of geographic limitations. In our virtual classroom, you will meet your teacher and other students from your group (we recommend virtual groups of up to 4 students). You will be at the same language level, and your expectations and needs with respect to the course will be similar.

If you are an individual client, we recommend meeting with your teacher over Skype or Zoom. In turn, virtual groups meet over generally available web applications such as Google Hangouts or ClickMeeting. Each student receives an invitation link.

We can help you choose an appropriate online platform course to complement remote classes.

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