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Agile English Blog by Eklektika

Word of the Week Wednesday : To Bring sth up

author: Iwona Braun-Nowak
Word of the Week Wednesday : To Bring sth up

On this edition of „Word of the Week Wednesday” we take a look at the Phrasal verb „bring (something) up” as defined by the Cambridge dictionary.

bring sth up

— phrasal verb with bring UK  /brɪŋ/ US  /brɪŋ/ verb

to start to talk about a particular subject:

She’s always bringing up her health problems.


More examples:

  • The meeting seemed to be going well until Charles brought up the issue of holiday pay.
  • He’s forever bringing up the past.
  • The evening was going well until someone brought up the subject of politics.
  • She would start talking about something else whenever he brought up the subject of marriage.
  • It was neither the time nor place to bring up the issue of religion.



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