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Discussing advantages and disadvantages in business presentations

author: Iwona Braun-Nowak
Discussing advantages and disadvantages in business presentations

Giving a presentation in a language other than your own may be quite challenging. By preparing a bank of synonyms and expressions beforehand, you will feel more confident and will create a lasting impression of great command of the language.


Although advantages and disadvantages are really good and perfectly, sometimes it is a good idea.

Advantages Disadvantages
Pros Cons
Benefits drawbacks
Positive aspects Negative aspects
Plus points Minus points
pluses minuses
Upside downside


Linking Arguments:

Not only are they …, they are also
Although it is true that …, it would be wrong to claim that ….
After all …


Providing Examples:

Take for example (the case of) …
Look at …
For instance … / For example …
Let me give you an example.


Additions and conclusion:

As I already indicated …
I am most concerned about …
I should like to emphasize that …
So all in all I believe that …
(In) summing up it can be said that …
Weighing the pros and cons, I come to the conclusion that …


Now you can simply impress people with out presentations skills.


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