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Agile English Blog by Eklektika

Best practices – being a professional English teacher

author: Iwona Braun-Nowak
Best practices – being a professional English teacher

A few tips that always work:

know your clients – their job profiles and background are essential for you

consider clients’ background and individual needs when planning and teaching (different clients never have the same style and needs, therefore materials need to be adjusted)

communicate your goals and strategies to your students (every time you see them)

tell them what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how they might benefit from attending your class

What is more….

always be prepared: have plan A, B and C to react flexibly

plan your sessions ahead (course programmes will help you be a better teacher)

use a range of teaching techniques to ensure variety and class dynamics

have a good insight into latest books and materials published for ELT

share your in-class experience and materials with other colleagues (e.g. through Padlet)

ask for support if you’re unsure of something

have a positive attitude to work – Clients see that you enjoy teaching and get motivation from your approach

be confident in class, show you know what you’re doing

continue developing yourself – participate in workshops

be proactive – put forward your own ideas or even run your own development session

have your paperwork done properly and on time

follow business casual dress code (no jeans, no trainers, no T-shirts)


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