Idź do treci
6 idioms to express joy or happiness

March 20th : International Day of Happiness

Every year on March 20th people around the world celebrate the “International Day of Happiness, according to the UN website this celebration aims to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people all around the world.

6 Idioms to express joy or happiness

On cloud nine

If you are on cloud nine, you are extremely happy

Ex: “When they told me I had gotten the promotion, I felt on cloud nine”

Happy go lucky

A happy go lucky person enjoys life and does not worry too much:

Ex: His new position required him to work long hours and weekends, he was never the same happy go lucky guy after that.

 Walking on air
Meaning: to be merry, to feel like you are floating on air.

Ex: “John asked Sally out and she said yes! He’s been walking on air ever since”.

Happy as a clam

very happy and comfortable

Ex: “When they made her project manager she was happy as a clam”

Like a dog with two tails

Meaning: to be extremely happy and excited.

Ex: “When I tell Rose I bought her the concert tickets she will be like a dog with two tails”

Thrilled to bits

If you are surprised or very happy about something

Ex: I’m going on Holiday to Japan, I am thrilled to bits!

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